Workshop: Civil 3D’s New Features & Autodesk Certificate of Completion

On the path of development and steady steps to realize our mission and vision, we at AXA not only make continuous efforts but also always uphold the spirit of learning and improvement so that we can always confidently bring to a service quality that exceeds customer expectations and strengthens the image and value of Vietnamese engineers.


With the dignity of “always improving to be better,” AXA and our team make it a daily goal to enhance everything from professional expertise to systems and processes. One of the important aspects of helping us realize our mission and vision and always produce high-quality drawings is to improve our capabilities and expertise.

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Besides, we always implement Kaizen continuously and have seminars to exchange and share information, solutions, and effective methods related to design so that we can support each other to advance knowledge as well as experience.

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Licensed Civil 3D Software

As shared previously, by 2023, AXA has been recognized as the company owning the largest number of civil 3D licensed software in Vietnam. Taking advantage of existing advantages as well as the spirit of eagerness to learn and cultivate new things. The AXA team always wants to be able to make optimal use of existing and new features in the software to optimize the design process and create high-quality drawings.


With that spirit, AXA, together with the OneCAD team, organized a workshop where they presented the new features of the Civil 3D version 2024 and provided guidance on how to take the Autodesk Completion certification exam for the Civil 3D software to all AXA members (a certificate of ability to use the Civil 3D software).


We are really looking forward to this exam. This is not just a certificate that can partly prove our ability to use the design software; it will also be an opportunity for us to go further in the future and can contribute to affirming the position of Vietnamese engineers in the international market.

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We had an extremely successful workshop with useful knowledge and information shared by the OneCAD team. The atmosphere of the workshop that day was extremely wonderful. AXA members were also extremely eager and proactive in interacting and connecting with OneCAD members to discuss new features and optimal solutions, as well as information related to Autodesk Completion Certification. This makes AXA extremely proud of our team, which is always dynamic and always upholds the spirit of learning and improving their skills.

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With the valuable knowledge that AXA members have gained from this workshop, AXA hopes that they will keep becoming more familiar with new features and utilize them to optimize their projects.

Thank you, OneCAD team, very much for your support and creating such a wonderful workshop with AXA. We will undoubtedly host additional workshops similar to this one in the near future to give our members more chances to connect and pick up new skills together. This will create great value by helping our members have more opportunities to develop and become their own great versions.

Many thanks, AXA members, very much for participating and creating a meaningful workshop with useful information. Surely, AXA will provide for and create more learning and development conditions for all AXA members in the next few years.

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