AXA Engineers: A Statement of Brand Distinction

To our valued clients, partners, and the global community,As AXA Engineers, established in Vietnam in 2016, we wish to affirm our unique brand identity in the civil engineering, land development and CAD services. Our journey began with the synergy of expert minds—An (Anthony), Xuan (Anthony’s wife), and Associates—hence the name that has become synonymous with excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment: AXA Engineers.

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Through our digitally adept and culturally cohesive offices, serving clients predominantly in the United States and expanding globally, we’ve charted new territories in the civil engineering domain. Our approach is deeply rooted in professional ethics, an esprit de corps, and an aspiration to exceed client expectations.AXA Engineers, an abbreviation that encapsulates our cooperative spirit and engineering prowess, carries a name that stands for precision, dedicated service, and the creation of robust infrastructural marvels.

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This statement is a declaration of our independent standing and dedication to forging a remarkable footprint in the engineering world.As we navigate the complexities of global business, we are cognizant of other entities which may share a phonetic likeness to ‘AXA.’ We wish to clarify unequivocally that AXA Engineers operates with distinct business activities, a separate legal personality, and an autonomous brand ethos focused on civil engineering, land development and CAD services.

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Our logo, a testament to our brand, signifies the blending of elite technical skills, client-centric solutions, and the visionary leadership that propels our work. It symbolizes not just our identity, but a promise—a promise of quality, dependability, and engineering ingenuity.We are proactive in protecting our intellectual property, including the trademark elements of our brand.

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The AXA Engineers name and logo are designed to be unmistakable representations of our steadfast dedication to civil engineering excellence.

In the spirit of transparency and legal prudence, we assertively communicate our brand’s uniqueness, stressing that our corporate existence and trading name bear no affiliation with any other ‘AXA’ named entities, unless explicitly stated.

For any queries or clarifications regarding our brand identity, or to explore the transcendence of civil engineering potential with AXA Engineers, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Sincerely,Anthony Nguyen

Founder & CEO.