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About AXA Engineers

Welcome to AXA Engineers, your trusted partner in the world of civil engineering outsourcing. With over 15 years of experience, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. We pride ourselves on our proficiency, skillset, and unwavering commitment to providing top-notch customer service.

AXA Engineers - Your Trusted Partner in Civil Engineering Outsourcing

Service info

Our Main Services

Land Development

With many years of experience in land development projects in the USA, we handle projects of any size and complexity, ensuring efficient and effective execution.

Civil Engineering 1

Our team of civil engineers frequently develops solutions for a variety of projects including residential, commercial, and industrial.

CADD Services

We can provide high-quality CADD services that comply with common standards such as US National CAD Standards, Australia Technical Drawing Standards, etc

3D Rendering

We have the ability to create exceptional 3D visualizations, including images and videos, that can effectively showcase interior, exterior, or land dev projects.

Public Works

We delivers expertise in public works projects, including roadway improvements, highway design, and curb ramp design. We help communities thrive through safe, efficient, and accessible infrastructure.

Revit Modeling

Our team has the ability to utilize Revit software for architectural modeling of houses, buildings, and MEP systems to create 2D drawings or integrate with BIM models.

AXA Engineers and Impressive Numbers

Case Studies

AXA Engineers has successfully delivered thousands of civil engineering projects across the United States and other countries. While we uphold strict client confidentiality, we’re pleased to share a selection of projects where our clients have generously allowed us to highlight our collaboration

What our clients say?

Chris Lovas

President, Lovas Engineering PC

Chris Lovas

“I’m really thankful that I did offload some of my drafting and design work to AXA has allowed me to focus on prioritizing winning work, getting new projects to work on and ultimately building my business. Anthony and his team have been knowledgeable, responsive, and pleasant to work with. If you’re looking to expand your business and need some support drafting, I highly recommend AXA”

Video review

Eric Hasenoehrl

President, Keltic Engineering, Inc.


“We have found AXA to be consistent and professional; they are extremely proficient and easy to communicate with to complete successful projects. AXA is diligent and thorough in their work, their willingness to construct a quality project in an effective manner. We are pleased to have AXA as part of our team, highly recommend their company to anyone seeking a high quality efficient and competent partner.

Video review

Jen Henderson

President, Henderson Professional Engineers, Inc.


“I absolutely love AXA Engineers. They have been the missing arm that HPE has needed since we went through a little bit of transition time with some staff. We use AXA for a lot of our drafting and design for land development projects. This has impacted us by allowing us to keep moving at a very fast pace with clients. I would absolutely recommend AXA Engineers as a resource for your success.”

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Casey Palma

Owner & President, Palma Land Planning, Inc.

Testimonial Casey 200

“Since we partnered with AXA Engineers, Anthony and his team have played a pivotal role in expanding our capabilities and refining our processes to set new standards of excellence for our firm. Their proactive, detail oriented approach and excellent communication ensure that tasks are completely effectively, and they consistently strive to exceed our expectations and those of our clients.”

Video review

Quoc Mai

President, MAI Engineering Services, Inc.

Quoc Mai 200

“We are proud to be the partner with AXA for the last ten years doing the utility design, land development design, construction design throughout the state of Florida. AXA has been very helpful to us in providing the CAD and civil engineering services in a very efficient and quality manners.

Video review

Shavanna Acosta

Senior Designer, Civilitude Inc.

Shavi 200

“We enjoy working with AXA a lot. They help us with the workflow such as a busy industry. I highly recommend working with them. We have created a great platform.

We love AXA, thank you.

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