Year End Party 2023

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The end of the year is not only an opportunity for us to gather together before welcoming a new year, but it also marks a unique moment to reflect on the previous year and our accomplishments what have we achieved. That’s why, recently, our AXA family organized an extremely successful and complete year-end party together, with the participation of our beloved ones, close partners, and all of our members.

Getting together during the hectic last days of the year to look back on the amazing activities and events of the previous year is a truly joyful and enjoyable experience.

AXA would also like to take this occasion to express our gratitude to all of its partners and clients for heartily supporting us and bringing us wonderful opportunities.

What is even more special is that AXA would like to thank all AXA members for their outstanding work and dedication to learning, growing, and developing themselves in order to improve themselves and bring great value to our community and our clients. Besides, we are also extremely happy to be able to honor individuals and teams who have performed extremely well in the past year.

We had an extremely fun and warm evening with our loved ones. We created exciting performances together to uplift joy and excitement in the atmosphere of that evening.

One special thing is that our office 2’s members surprised us with a very adorable Happy New Year’s clip that they had prepared on the spur of the moment. Our family is like that, always supporting, encouraging, and supporting each other to the best of our ability at work. Besides, our members also do not hesitate to give love to each other through bonding and life activities.


In addition to the thrilling performances, AXA also organized a minigame called the lucky game for all guests of honor and members. Most of them are eager to participate in this activity, even though the gifts aren’t very valuable. Everyone at the gathering that day was beaming and joyful, regardless of whether they were the fortunate ones or not.

We are very grateful to 2023 for providing us with so many fantastic chances so that we can achieve success and create historical milestones. Without a doubt, AXA and our team will keep pushing forward in 2024 in order to increase our own worth and improve the standing of Vietnamese engineers in the international market while continuously providing top-notch services to our clients.

Consistently bringing Vietnamese engineers’ knowledge and skills to worldwide clients.
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