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Green Office is an environmental initiative that many companies around the world have adopted to help reduce negative impacts on the environment and improve the workplace. It involves implementing sustainable activities at work. In an effort to contribute to this growing trend and to create a platform for all members to engage, AXA has organized a competition called AXA Green Office 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity for offices to showcase their ideas and creativity towards a greener work environment.

The overarching goal of the contest is to encourage creativity and team spirit in fostering a green and sustainable work environment. Additionally, this initiative will contribute to the innovation of our own office, expressing one of AXA’s dignity, which is continually improving to be better. Above all, AXA and its members want to join hands in driving the development of the green office trend because of the incredible benefits it offers to businesses and society alike.


AXA is thrilled to learn that all members are excited and eager to implement their office’s initiatives. We can sense our members’ passion for the decoration ideas and appreciate the collective effort they’ve put into bringing them to life in the best possible way.

Every member of AXA carries their own unique identity and personality, but it’s this distinctiveness that collectively shapes a very unique and one-of-a-kind AXA. The way they’ve decorated and their ideas for the Green Office have showcased the vibrant diversity that AXA’s members all bring to the table.

This activity not only creates a healthy playground for all members but also fosters a sense of solidarity. We hope that with innovation designed based on our members’ unique styles and ideas, they will feel more relaxed and comfortable in our common home, called AXA.

AXA hopes that each day when our members come here, it’s not just a place where they can work with endless passion and where every effort and dedication is recognized, but also that AXA wants to become a common home for all of them filled with warmth, kindness, and love. That’s why AXA has made efforts to provide opportunities for them all to decorate and renovate this common home together, making it truly their own.



Not only have AXA’s members brought innovation to decorations, but they’ve also proposed a number of practical solutions and actions aimed at sustainability and environmental protection, such as using environmentally friendly materials that can be reused multiple times, striving to save as much electricity and materials as possible, and so on.

AXA is constantly striving to build and develop sustainably, which is why, in addition to factors such as model, quality, processes, human resources, and so on, we also pay close attention to environmental aspects.

Besides bringing Vietnamese engineers’ skills and knowledge to worldwide clients as well as aiming to become the world’s leading outsourced civil engineering group, it is truly wonderful that we can accompany each other to spread many meaningful campaigns, messages, and practical actions to contribute to protecting the environment.

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