Happy International Women’s Day

As always, every year, on the day that honors the beautiful halves of the world, the AXA team eagerly plans to present surprises to the roses of AXA.

The affection that AXA members have for each other is not merely a connection or companionship among colleagues, but it’s a family bond, a sense of unity, love, and sharing.

“Women are the real architects of society.”

We always want to offer and bring wonderful things to our teammates. That’s why, on this special occasion, the AXA team has meticulously worked together to create surprise gifts, hoping to contribute to a truly special day filled with joy for you all.

Everyone deserves happiness and receives wonderful things, especially women, right?

We are always proud of the female warriors of our family, who are not only skilled members, constantly enhancing their knowledge, diligent and tirelessly striving every day, but also greatly contribute to the diversity in the environment and activities of AXA.

Happiness is when we can bring joy and witness the happiness of those around us. Therefore, the AXA team is overjoyed to be able to send best wishes and lovely little gifts to the most important women in our lives and to all the sisters at our AXA home.


We also organized a small get-together at our offices on that day to sing songs, share stories, and talk about each other’s recent life experiences. Opportunities and events like this are occasions for the AXA team to grow closer and foster deeper affection.

We firmly believe that this understanding, sharing, and bonding will be the solid foundation for our journey towards achieving the promising dreams and aspirations that we are pursuing together.

Together, we are building a business model centered on happiness and uniqueness, where everyone is to live and work with love and kindness. Therefore, we always strive to create opportunities to express our care and affection for our teammates.


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