Team-building Trip 2023

Build Colorful Youth Together

Team-building Trip 2023

Our Youth

To you, what does youth mean? The AXA family believes that our youth is the most wonderful period of our lives. It’s a time of brilliant dreams, burning aspirations, and unforgettable memories.

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We know that we are all in the most beautiful blooming period of our lives. It is happy for us when we are on the path of learning, developing, and building our careers, as well as realizing the goals we can meet and make efforts together.

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Even happier, we are experiencing such wonderful things about our youth together at the AXA roof. One thing is for sure: This will be a place where we can look back and smile with gratitude and happiness.
Youth is not forever; that’s why we always cherish every moment together, sharing joys and sorrows, and especially constantly learning, growing, and overcoming all challenges together so that we can “go further with AXA.”

Create Unforgettable Memories

It can be said that the recent TEAM-BUILDING 2023 trip will be one of the most beautiful memories of our colorful youth.

Thanks to the AXA roof, we have the serendipity to meet, connect, and send respect and love to each other. Each of us is a unique puzzle piece; no one is the same, but we share the same enthusiasm, passion, and ideal of life.

Honestly, we had some great experiences and activities on our last trip. All AXA family members are extremely energetic and participate in the games enthusiastically.

Many people shared that it would have been even better if the recent trip had had more connecting games like that. This proves that our family members were extremely excited and had a colorful trip together.

The special thing about our latest trip is our gala dinner with the interesting and enthusiastic performances of our members. It can be said that we have had a successful and wonderful party together. Thanks to this, we have had a load of unforgetable memories and moments together, which make our youth more colorful.


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A Wonderful Gala Dinner


The members are divided into four equal teams to participate in games as well as entertainment performances. Our teams eagerly planned and practiced their team performances a full month prior to the trip’s departure.

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It can be said that activities like this are a chain that helps AXA members connect with each other easily, become closer, and understand each other more thoroughly.


We were all blown away by each other’s performances at the celebration that day. Each team brought performances that were true to the personalities and uniqueness of their team members.


What’s special is that our members enthusiastically and wholeheartedly cheered each other on. We encourage one another’s performances as if this were more of a playground where people could show off their individuality and love of singing than a competitive event. This has partially shown how our family always upholds a sense of unity and considers one another as fellow family members.

Painting A Meaningful Youth Picture Together

With the spirit of “creating youth together,” we not only build a spirit of solidarity, but we also inspire each other to pursue our individual dreams and talents.

Every activity we take part in, whether it’s volunteering, attending sporting events, team-building exercises, or training classes, gives us the chance to strengthen our relationships, educate ourselves, and gain a deeper understanding of one another.

AXA always tries to organize as many activities and events as possible for everyone because, on the path of development and maturity, we need more space to learn, play, and bond, which will be firm factors to help us have sustainable development.

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Moreover, these factors will contribute to helping AXA create a different working environment, not only rich in youthful energy and enthusiasm in everyone but also nurturing and developing gratitude.
We AXA family members all know what the ideal we are pursuing is, so we work with the passion of youth to be able to move forward and prove our abilities, as well as contribute our youth to affirming the talent and knowledge of Vietnamese engineers in the international market.

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The Second Family – AXA

AXA Family

As youth, we have had not only unforgettable memories and opportunities to learn and develop ourselves but also the love and kindness we give to each other under the AXA roof.

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The affection and kindness we show each other under the AXA roof is something we cherish in our youth, in addition to our priceless memories and chances to grow and learn.

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Beautifull Youth

What’s more wonderful is when, in beautiful times, we can hold hands and accompany each other to create great values for our own lives and beautify our community.

We will be the ones who create breakthroughs and unforgettable memories, not the ones who just dream about them. One thing is for sure: Our AXA family members are always enthusiastic about the journey of building beautiful youth together and are side by side to create something wonderful for this path.

Everyone will have a period of youth to remember, and we, the AXA family, are trying our best together to paint a beautiful picture of youth, full of ambition and memories.

Our recent trip brought up many wonderful memories. Another special thing is that we had the opportunity to visit Vivian’s family, a member of the AXA family. After a year of returning, we still receive great love and welcome from your family. Thank you, Vivian’s family, for the delicious meal, stories, and love for AXA. Hopefully, we will be able to gather together as soon as possible.

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“Save these moments”

  • Thank you, AXA family members; we had a wonderful trip with unforgettable memories. Thank you for the youth we have together.We are all separate pieces with unique personalities, but we are lucky and happy to meet each other and always support each other to the fullest in every aspect.
  • We are all separate pieces with unique personalities, but we are lucky and happy to meet each other and always support each other to the fullest in every aspect.
  • We hope that these differences will contribute to creating a different, colorful AXA.
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