Spreading the Value of Gratitude on the Threshold of the New Year 2024

The arrival of Tet and Spring is not only a time for us to return and gather with our loved ones, but it is also a moment to share love.

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To make Tet abundantly full of love and to elevate the value of “always nurturing and developing gratitude,” we at AXA not only care for and inquire about our members, but during the annual Lunar New Year, the leadership at AXA also makes it an occasion to present red envelopes, as small gifts to express appreciation to the parents of all our family members.

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.” — Anonymous

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Unique corporate culture

Giving Tet gifts to the parents of our employees is a refined aspect of corporate culture that AXA always strives to build. This gesture partly represents the company’s care for the families of its staff. It is thanks to the parents that AXA has had the opportunity to meet and accompany our incredibly talented members, who share the same dreams and ambitions and constantly endeavor to assert the capabilities of Vietnamese engineers while together conquering customers around the globe.

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An important point AXA wants to highlight is AXA’s spirit of care and companionship with our employees’ families. Even more wonderfully, on the eve of the New Year, the AXA leadership had the opportunity to visit the families of some members.

We always regard each other as family, and so it is with great joy that AXA can present these gifts with love and appreciation to their families.

While the value of the gifts may not be high, they are tokens of health, luck, and peace that AXA wishes to convey to the parents of all our members on this early spring occasion of the New Year.

Happiness is when we can share love and care with those around us, isn’t it?

To add more love to the spring breeze, alongside the New Year’s gifts and well-wishes for the parents of our members, AXA also specially delivers small presents to the security guards at our office buildings.

These gifts are a token of the sincere thanks that AXA and our members want to extend to them, for their silent support throughout the past year. It is these small contributions that have helped build our larger successes.


On some days, our team members have to work overtime late into the night to ensure the progress of the project, and the guards always inquire, encourage, and warmly assist us with watching over our vehicles and opening the doors.

Even though they are resting during those times, whenever a member leaves, they greet us warmly with a door held open and a bright smile. Greetings and questions just as simple as “Why are you working so late today?” or, on another day, “Oh, you get to leave early today?” make us incredibly happy.

It’s small gestures like these that make us feel cared for and highlight the wonderful connection and affection between people.

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“Gratitude is the gateway to true happiness.” – Kevin Heath

With the principle of “always nurturing and developing gratitude,” AXA and our members always strive to live and work with a positive and diligent attitude, always valuing what we have and cherishing everyone around us. That is why we are incredibly happy to be able to send our thanks and gifts to our dear security guards as we welcome the New Year.

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