Giving Red Envelopes on the Occasion of the New Year

Just a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around… May the new year bring a new beauty and freshness to your life.

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As the Lunar New Year approaches and spring arrives, people’s hearts flutter with excitement as they bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with the many beautiful cultural traditions of the holiday season.

The custom of giving lucky money, or “lì xì,” at the start of the year can be seen as an indispensable and distinctive cultural feature of the Vietnamese family’s Lunar New Year celebration.

Traditionally, on the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, the whole family gathers to light incense for their ancestors and celebrate the festival together. Everyone exchanges good wishes along with red envelopes containing lucky money to bring fortune for the new year.

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To contribute to preserving this beautiful tradition of the Vietnamese New Year, as well as to give good wishes at the start of the new year, annually, when all members return to work after the Lunar New Year holiday, AXA also gives vibrant red lucky money envelopes to everyone.

This act is not just a demonstration of AXA’s affection but also represents our wishes for all members to have a peaceful, lucky year, and specifically, for them to have an explosive 2024 filled with effort, perseverance, and success on the journey ahead with AXA.


Beautiful moments

In addition to giving red envelopes at the beginning of the year, we also had conversations and shared interesting stories and experiences about our own Lunar New Year with each other. Stories and moments like these help us to understand each other better and will become beautiful moments in the journey that we share together.

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Beginning-of-year conversations

It is truly fascinating to listen to the different stories and sharings from you all. Thanks to that, AXA members can learn more about how you celebrate the Lunar New Year with your families and the unique customs of the holiday in different regions. We hope to have many more years of beginning-of-year conversations and exchanging red envelopes and well-wishes with each other like this.

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Happiness is when we have the opportunity to convey and bring good things to those around us, and we wish each other the very best in life. We also hope that in this new year, AXA will create even more exciting activities and events with our members. With faith, relentless effort, and a thirst for knowledge, we believe that this year AXA will achieve more memorable milestones along with great values for ourselves, our clients, and the community.

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