Outsource Public-improvement-Plans
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Outsource Public Improvement Plans

Outsource Public Improvement Plans is also a common content in civil engineering design services. It can be call under other name like Off-line improvement Plans or Street Improvement Plans.

Outsource public improvement plans often includes characteristics as below:

Common format of the plan sheets

a. Prepared on 24″x 36″ D-sheets
b. All lettering size min. 0.1″
c. Sheets are numbered consecutively
d. Project boundary line is dark, thick, bold line-type
e. Right-of-way line is dark, bold, solid, bold line-type
f. Proposed easement line is bold, dashed line-type
g. Existing easement line is light, dashed line-type
h. Proposed topo line is bold, solid line-type (with elevation no.)
L Existing topo line is light, dashed line-type (with elevation no.)
j. Topo lines are smooth and continuous to at least 50-feet beyond project limits
k. All trees and structures within and 1DO-feet of project boundary are shown
I. Slope arrow indicators should point down-slope
m. Revision Block on all sheets.

Cover sheet

a. Title block should be representative of the Cities requirements
b. Title block indicates: “Public Improvement Plans for Project Name”
c. Dig Alert notice
d. Name and street address of subdivision or project in title block
e. Verify current standard improvement notes
f. Verify current water and sewer notes
g. Vicinity Map (showing site , nearest highway, roads, north arrow, City boundary)
h. Key Map (showing overall improvements sheet coverage, subdivision boundary, scale, lot lines, key map legend, short legal descriptions, offsite work, existing/proposed facilities, fire hydrant locations, street slope arrows, north arrow, water and sewer services, and any other pertinent information)
i. A key map is required on multiple sheet improvement plans
j. Sheet Index
k. Engineer’s Certificate with signature and stamp
j. Complete legend detailing the existing and proposed work and reference
to City standard drawings.
k. Legend should show “DESCRIPTION”, “SYMBOL”, and “QUANTITY”

AXA Engineers specializes in Civil Engineering Design services, including outsource Public Improvement Plans Services. With our range of technical CAD and Civil 3D software, we can bring an initial design concept to life, or prepare the detailed plans required for the project and construction approval process with excellent performance and cost effective price.

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