Mill Stone Development

The Mill Stone Development, situated in the quaint Mill Stone Way of Wilson County, North Carolina, exemplified the intricate art of civil engineering in delicate environmental contexts. With the aim of creating 330 lots across 152 acres and achieving a construction density of 2.16 dwelling units per acre, the task was to develop a terrain close to flood zones and wetlands, demanding thoughtful navigation of complex environmental considerations.

The Wetland Challenge

The project’s juxtaposition with sensitive wetland areas required a comprehensive strategy that addressed unique wastewater management challenges while preserving the integrity of the surrounding ecosystem.

Challenges 1

Rethinking Wastewater

The topography made traditional gravity sewage systems infeasible, prompting innovative alternatives for domestic wastewater disposal.


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Guarding the Wetlands

The layout and grading of the development needed meticulous planning to ensure stormwater infrastructure did not harm the wetlands, symbolizing AXA Engineers’ commitment to ecological stewardship.


Pioneering Solutions by AXA Engineers

AXA Engineers approached the constraints with environmentally mindful solutions that adhered to regulatory compliances and promoted sustainability.

1. Effective Water Management Systems: The installation of a Pump Station to process domestic water marked a key component of the solution, coupled with a forcemain system to seamlessly connect with the existing sewer infrastructure. This ensured the community’s water needs were met without disrupting natural water cycles.

2. Precise Topographical Adjustments: A delicate balance was sought in adjusting the slope of roads and lots, with the dual aims of avoiding encroachment on wetland areas and maintaining an equilibrium of cut and fill volumes. This level of precision not only protected the wetlands but also optimized the use of natural resources.


Mill Stone Development

The outcome

A Testament to Responsible Development

The Mill Stone Development stands as a testament to AXA Engineers’ expertise in integrating sophisticated engineering solutions with environmental conservation principles. The project reflects the successful union of human habitation with the natural environment, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Wilson County community.

Your Partner in Sustainable Engineering

For U.S. infrastructure design firms looking towards outsourcing, the Mill Stone Development encapsulates AXA Engineers’ proficiency in delivering high-quality, environmentally responsible solutions. We open our doors to partnerships that look beyond the conventional, seeking to achieve a symbiosis between development and nature.

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