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The Beachside Development Strategy

In the realm of land development, each project brings its own set of unique challenges. For AXA Engineers, a leading firm with over 15 years of experience in the infrastructure design consulting sector, the Beachside Development project in North Carolina stands out as a hallmark of innovation and expertise. This 192-acre project, featuring 351 lots with a construction density of 2.0 dwelling units per acre, demanded creative solutions to overcome the inherent challenges of a flat terrain. Through our role as an outsourcing partner, AXA Engineers played an integral part in transforming this level expanse into a thriving, sustainable community.

The Role of AXA Engineers

In our capacity as an outsourcing partner, AXA Engineers was involved from the project’s inception, right through to the approval of the construction document (CD) set. Working closely under the guidance and support of our partner’s Professional Engineers (PEs), we meticulously handled the project’s design tasks.

The process was iterative. Upon receiving the initial design information, our team got to work, crafting detailed plans that were then sent back to the client for review. Feedback was provided in the form of markups or a list of updates required, which we duly addressed. This cycle of refinement continued until the project was approved. Throughout, AXA Engineers was responsible for nearly 100% of the plan production, deeply involved in the design efforts that brought the Beachside Development to life.





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Flat Terrain, Complex Challenges

The Beachside Development project was not without its difficulties. However, through a series of innovative solutions, AXA Engineers overcame each obstacle to deliver an exceptional outcome. Below, we outline three main challenges we faced and the solutions we devised.

The Issue: Crafting a functional roadway profile on flat terrain can be particularly challenging, especially in managing wastewater and ensuring efficient potable water drainage.

The Issue: Achieving a balance between cut and fill volumes was critical to avoid excessive material movement and inflated costs.

The Issue: Traditional stormwater management methods were impractical given the flat terrain and the project’s low population density.

Project Solutions

Through a series of innovative solutions, we overcame each obstacle to deliver an exceptional outcome

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The Outcome: An Ingenious Infrastructure Balance

The successful completion of the Beachside Development is a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of AXA Engineers. By leveraging creative design techniques and environmentally conscious strategies, we transformed a flat, unassuming landscape into a viable, sustainable community.



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Delivering on Promises

Civil engineering design firms across the United States seeking an outsourced partner need not look further than AXA Engineers. With +15 years of experience, we offer the expertise necessary to tackle even the most daunting topographical and ecological challenges, ensuring that your projects are not only efficient and cost-effective but also environmentally conscious.

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For U.S. infrastructure design firms considering outsourcing solutions, the Beachside Development project exemplifies the innovative potential that AXA Engineers brings to the table. Our ability to tackle both commonplace and unconventional challenges in land development positions us as the ideal partner for your next project. Join forces with AXA Engineers to experience exceptional engineering solutions that deliver lasting value and visionary community landscapes.