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The Robertson Development

In the picturesque locale of Wake County, North Carolina, the Robertson development presented a formidable yet exhilarating challenge to the dedicated team at AXA Engineers. This 200-acre endeavor was primed to host 644 lots, with an ambitious construction density of 4.0 dwelling units per acre. The steep terrain commanded a thoughtful, systematic approach to ensure the cohesive integration of infrastructure into the natural slopes.

The Role of AXA Engineers

As an outsourcing partner, AXA Engineers played an integral role in the design process from inception through to the approval of the Construction Documents (CD) set. Collaborating under the guidance and support of the partner’s Professional Engineers (PEs), AXA Engineers undertook the detailed design work. Upon receiving the initial design information, our team worked diligently to produce detailed plans, which were then sent back to the client for review. Feedback, in the form of markups or a list of required updates, was then addressed meticulously by our engineers, ensuring that the project met all specifications and standards. This iterative process continued until final project approval, with AXA Engineers handling nearly 100% of the plan production and contributing significantly to the overall design.

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Project Challenges

Embarking on a large-scale project such as Robertson presented unique challenges that tested our expertise and ingenuity. Here are three significant challenges we faced and how we addressed them:

The expansive nature of the project demanded a heightened level of precision to attain a balanced site across all lots. The rolling terrain required careful consideration to ensure that the infrastructure seamlessly integrated with the natural landscape.

Each building pad required a tailor-made approach to maintain appropriate front and rear slopes for streets and alleys. This was crucial for the aesthetic appeal and functional effectiveness of the development.

The considerable distance to the existing sanitary sewer manhole posed an intricate puzzle. This challenge required a sophisticated redesign of the sewage system to ensure practical and reliable connectivity.

Project Solutions

With a clear understanding of the challenges, AXA Engineers devised a suite of innovative solutions that not only addressed these issues but also exceeded expectations.

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The Fruit of Foresight: A Cohesive Community Success

The Robertson development stands as a testament to AXA Engineers’ commitment to excellence and resilience in the face of topographic challenges. The project’s successful completion has yielded a community that blends seamlessly with its environment, preserving natural beauty while providing a solid foundation for growth and prosperity.




The Robertson Development

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Delivering on Promises

Civil engineering design firms across the United States seeking an outsourced partner need not look further than AXA Engineers. With +15 years of experience, we offer the expertise necessary to tackle even the most daunting topographical and ecological challenges, ensuring that your projects are not only efficient and cost-effective but also environmentally conscious.

A Vision for Partnership

The Robertson development is a clear indicator of the value that AXA Engineers brings to the table for infrastructure design firms in the United States considering outsourcing solutions. When you partner with us, you gain a team that approaches each project with meticulous care, deep industry knowledge, and a problem-solving mindset that turns challenges into landmarks of engineering success.

Transcend project expectations with AXA Engineers, your partners in designing a future built on solid ground.