Few words about our situations...

Images of Vietnam after the Vietnam War
Images of Vietnam after the Vietnam War

After more than a century of foreign domination and 21 years of war and division, our country is re-established from the ashes of war. Millions of people were killed during the war. In my family, my two uncles have been lied down. Many families were broken by those lives lost. May be say there are nothing remain, except for pain and poverty. So many problems and obstacles to overcome, there was also much concern .

In that situation, we grow up with extremely difficult childhood. Many my friends have no chances to go to school. They have to help our family do any thing to survey. Luckily for me, although my family was the same, but my parent decided they would try the best for me as long as I can go to school. I’m always grateful and proud of them.

The fact is our country is still a developing countries with hunger and poverty in Vietnam has existed for a significant amount of time. Until the 1980s, most of the Vietnamese population still lived under the poverty line… But, in my mind, Vietnamese, particularly, engineers are always hard-working and intelligent.

...anythings have been gone, it is the time we have to stand up and change our destination

I recognized that we can do that  by taking advantage of information technology, people in the world can work together in anywhere. From what I have learned from the university as well as nearly 10-year experienced working for a American company, I decided to build the brand named AXA Engineers to prove my abilities and to help other young people.

AXA Engineers is a family of young people who are enthusiastic, hard-working and clever. We are planning to bring Vietnam into a new center of outsourcing industrial on the world. In which, we focus on civil engineering services in the first stage and then we will expand to other areas such as data entry services, research and analysis, digital design, etc.


AXA Engineers developed a solution which approach to Lean Design. In the optimization model, the number of employees will be minimized. Your company will be only the core members, the project managers.
That is the philosophy, the mission of AXA Engineers. With over 10 years experience working for the US company, along with the improvements of information technology, we are so confident that we can bring to the construction design firms in the world, especially in America, a solution can not be greater than. The world is flat, whether we like it or not, we will have to accept it as an inevitable.
Try to imagine, every year construction design company could obtain a huge profit by the Lean Design which we create. We started with Civil Engineering.

Approach to Lean Design

We aimed to develop Lean Design, extends from the objectives of a lean production system – maximize value and minimize waste – to specific techniques, and applies them in a new project delivery process. As a result:

  • The facility and its delivery process are designed together to better reveal and support customer purposes.
  • Work is structured throughout the process to maximize value and to reduce waste-at the project delivery level.
  • Efforts to manage and improve performance are aimed at improving total project performance, because this is more important than reducing the cost or increasing the speed of any particular activity.
  • “Control” is redefined from “monitoring results” to “making things happen.” The performance of the planning and control systems are measured and improved.

New trend of the modern world!